Ghost feat Phase One

by probe rok

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    A dope boogie joint produced by the one and only Domu.
    A real dance floor gem!



Ghost. I got this track and a bunch of others from Domu. You know how it goes, you toss me a song I'll toss you a joint. Love those deals. Anyway this joint stuck out like a sore thumb amongst the other dope joints he gave me. I thought of the hook sitting in Ernesto Vigo's
old crib in Harlem. I was trying to get my Friends involved and Phase had the right style for the track.
You know, You're in a club and the stan is all in ya grill like."Hi can we be friends!?" Eh. it is nice to meet people but when my joint is on.. No disrespect, but I'm Ghost. I'm hitting the dance floor baby.


I'm hitting the dance floor baby, I ain't really trying to stand her posted, I'm Ghost! I'm hitting the dance floor baby, thanks for the props but this my jawn! I'm Ghost, I'm hitting the dance floor baby, Thanks or the drinks but I've had enough so.... I'm hitting the dance floor baby, Love i gotta jet. This tune is TOUGH!


released January 1, 2010
Produced by Domu




probe rok New York, New York

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